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fit + STRONG.

There is nothing like getting in a good work out.  Through my experience as a collegiate athlete, personal trainer, and work with multiple health care professionals/trainers I have developed a program that eliminates the boredom of routine exercise and gives you what you want...results! Too many times we get in the routine of...doing the same routine.  These workouts can be done independently or in conjunction with your other forms of exercise.  Every month you will receive 3 different workouts that I do as well. This constant change keeps you working hard and prevents the frequent plateaus we encounter.  You will also receive a mobility work out and core exercises to keep your body fit, strong, and mobile.  Many people have asked to work out with me or the trainers I work out with. Well now you can.


More about fit + STRONG


Can I still lift weights with this program?

  • Absolutely!!! This program can be done alone or in conjunction with other programs. For those that know me or follow me on social media, I believe in mixing it up. I frequently start with isolated exercises, followed by more complex movements and finish with a HIIT circuit.  These videos are high pace to maximize results.

Can I still do my cardio along with this program?

  • YES YES YES. Although this program will get your heart rate up and lungs breathing, you can do your routine cardio as well. There are calendar templates that will give you different options and routines of cardio and weight lifting to be done in conjunction with the program if wanted.

Is it for ALL fitness levels?

    • It is important to first see your physician and be cleared for physical activity. With that being said the exercises are always recommended to be done at your pace and modifications will be shown.  It is important to listen to your body and not work through any injuries. There are enough modifications and variety to complete the programs.

Even More About fit+STRONG

Do I lose the previous workouts every month?

  • No! Your workout library keeps growing. In fact you can always mix and match workouts. You'll also have access to multiple videos, recipes, and health tips that only members receive.

Is this a recurrent payment? And is it REALLY only $19.99/month?

  • This is a subscription based plan that you can keep or quit whenever you like.  Yes its only $20/month.  I want it to be affordable and accessible.

Do I need special equipment?

  • Most of these workouts require equipment you can find at your local gym, hotel gym or purchase at your local sports store.  Every month however 1 of the 3 workouts will be a HIIT exercise without anything other than your body.  There are also functional movement exercises and core exercises that would benefit with a yoga mat.

Is the program hard?

  • My belief as a physician and former trainer is that the best results incorporate High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  These workouts are challenging physically and mentally and are designed to get you RESULTS.  We will be offering less intense options in the near future but this program is challenging.  However it is recommended you go at your pace and modifications will be provided for those who are new to HIIT.  Whether its timed intervals or numerical sets...these exercises will work you.