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Thank you for visiting my website.  My name is Juan G. Bautista, but many call me Dr. B.  I'm located in Fresno, CA, and offer my services globally to help others improve their quality of life.

I've been involved with Men's Health and have helped patients all over the world improve their overall health & well-being. It is my belief that health must include nutrition and exercise.

If you're like many of my patients, you may experience low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, pain & inflammation and just an overall desire to feel better!

This is exactly why I developed this site!  I wanted a place for men to come to learn about common conditions men experience as we age.

I want you to learn about traditional and alternative therapies to help you improve your health & well-being!

If you're here, you're tired of feeling less than and you're ready to feel GOOD again!

If this is you, let's discuss your options and get you on track to feeling like the younger you again!

Dr. B

Our Story


Born just outside of Milwaukee Wisconsin Juan G. Bautista would eventually move to Fresno, CA after living in Reno, and San Diego as a child.

He attended San Joaquin Memorial High School where he played Football for 4 years and Soccer for one. He excelled in athletics earning All-League Honors in both offense and defense his Junior and senior years, and was also a part of the Valley Champion Soccer Team his junior year.

Although always maintaining an exceptional GPA his goal was to play division one football in college. After walking on at Fresno State he earned a scholarship and was even nominated as one of the teams three co-captains. After graduation he completed his premedical studies at Columbia University in New York then graduated from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

After returning to UCSF Fresno he has worked in primary care for over 7 years at his two offices with his major interests in nutrition, exercise, and Global health. He has done global medical trips to Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and Cuba.

He is most proud of is his work through the Bautista Foundation.  This foundation gives scholarships to students interested in health, law, agriculture, visual and performing arts, and community service. The most recent scholarship is the “Unfinished Business” scholarship designed for students who return to school after their athletic careers. 

Dr. Juan G. Bautista is passionate about health, education, and community service.  


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